The one line in the song goes like this: "Journey Concert in AC, remember we sang 'Faithfully'."

Hmmm, Atlantic City doesn't find it's way into many country song lyrics, let alone "AC" rather than Atlantic City.... How did that happen?

The song, which we debuted on Cat Country 107.3 a few weeks ago, has certainly made the request lines ring. A lot of people are saying they want to use the song at their wedding.The song is "I Can't Wait" by up-and-coming singer, Ben Rue.

While Rue has no ties to South Jersey, the writer of the song certainly does. Ryan Ogren was born in Vineland, and now lives in Los Angeles. He frequently travels to Nashville to work on new music.  According to a family member, Ogren has been writing and performing music since he was six.

Anyone remember Ryan Ogren?