One area newspaper, apparently, doesn't think there are any country music fans in South Jersey.

The CMA Awards are tonight and the Courier-Post has posted a poll on their website.  The question: "The Country Music Awards are tonight... are you a fan of country music?"

The answers to the poll, which I will get to in a minute, really bother me, but the question itself is pretty awful. To the person that wrote the poll question, "CMA" does not stand for "country music awards" (I really hope they knew that) -- the CMA is the Country Music Association -- their awards show is tonight. Check this fun fact out: country music has evolved to a point where there are a couple different country music awards shows! Imagine that, y'all!

Anyway, the two answers to the poll are, "Yup - Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton rule, y'all." (thanks for the stereotypical "y'all" reference) or "Heck no, I 'm from Jersey!"

Heck no, I'm from Jersey?

Is the Courier-Post so clueless that they think there are no country music fans in New Jersey?

Might I point-out to y'all at the Courier-Post that the #1 radio station in South Jersey is us, Cat Country 107.3 (yes, imagine that -- y'all made a country music radio station #1 at the Jersey Shore)? Might I point out to y'all that we've been kickin' butt for 15 years? Might I point out to y'all that country music singers and groups regularly sell-out the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, which is a mere five miles away from the Courier-Post's building in Cherry Hill, y'all?

Y'all, please take a few seconds out of your day and visit the Courier-Post's poll and let them know that, yes, there are country music fans in New Jersey... y'all.