Vote for me.


Is there any better choice?

I'm not actively running for President of the United States, but if chosen, I will serve!

I actually have discovered that, in New Jersey at least, you can actually write in my name for President of the United States - and, your vote will count!

(If you plan on voting for me, write: Cat Country 107.3's Joe Kelly, so there's no confusion with other Joe Kellys out there.....)

According to the website, New Jersey is one of eight states that allows voters to write in anyone's name on the ballot, and that vote will count. Some 33 other states allows write-ins - but those candidates had to have filed paperwork before hand.

So, count your blessings that you live in New Jersey, and cast your vote for me, Cat Country's 107.3's Joe Kelly.

If elected, I'll do good stuff and try to keep bad stuff from happening. I promise!