A lot of country stars wear cowboy hats.  And wear them well... Kenny Chesney, Tim Mcraw, I'm talking about you!   And then there are others, like Luke Bryan, who you won't see onstage in a ten gallon hat.

Luke Bryan says the big hats just aren't for him.  While he was on the 'Today Show' recently, he answered a few questions backstage.  One being, why the baseball hat instead of a Stetson?

According to Taste of Country,

"I just grew up on the farm wearing farmer hats and stuff like that," Bryan explains. "Then, a few years back one of my good buddies, Adam LaRoche, who plays first baseman for the Washington Nationals, gave me this hat and I just started wearing it and good things started happening, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

"I grew up in south Georgia as a country boy," Bryan adds. "I never really was like a cowboy, so I always felt like a cowboy truly ought to rock a cowboy hat, and I'm just kind of a country boy/ex-baseball player, so I ought to wear a country boy/ex-baseball player hat."

I agree!  If it's working for ya, don't change it!