Don't you hate to pay taxes? I do - especially when it goes to waste.

Take for example the turning lane on English Creek Avenue in Egg Harbor Township, just south of the entrance to Shop Rite.

The photo I carefully snapped while driving (Kids don't try this - I am a professional) shows you the overabundance of turn arrows in the turning lane. In about a twenty-five yard stretch of the middle turn lane are no fewer than 8 turn arrows. Is this really necessary? If it's a turn late right here...isn't it a turn lane right there - seven feet ahead of me?

I know it's not a lot of tax money wasted - be it on paint, or worker-time - but, every little bit adds up, right?

To be honest, I don't know what entity - the county, the state, or the township - is responsible for the pavement markings. I just don't think it was a sound financial outcome.