'Goodbye in Her Eyes' is the latest single off of Zac Brown Band's 'Uncaged.'  At first listen, it might not be your favorite.  But listen a few more times and you'll be hooked.

Zac Brown Band has a way to tease you just enough to make you want to listen to a song more than once.  And with each listen, it grows on you.  So true with 'Goodbye in Her Eyes.'

It's a sad song, without a happy ending.  But the harmony and lyrics make me love it.  And I believe at least one of the guys in the band has felt this kind of heartache before.  I can just feel it in the melody.

"Should I hold on / Is it just a waste of time? / One thing that I know for sure / I saw goodbye in your eyes / I saw goodbye in your eyes / I know that it's over."

Told you it was sad!

Listen to 'Goodbye in Her Eyes' below!