South Jersey is a region like no other.

It's a fabulous place to raise a family and the people are some of the best you'll ever meet. We do have a few characteristics that make people give us the side-eye. Chances are, you've had to defend these traits from time to time.

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    Everyone thinks we're absolutely bonkers for being completely obsessed with a "random convenience store". Here's the rub - Wawa isn't just ANY OLD convenience store! It's an experience.

    They'll just never get it...

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    Our Philly Sports Fandom

    People really don't understand why South Jersey doesn't root for NY or North Jersey sports teams. Here's why.... most of South Jersey residents have ties to Philly. Most of our family is from there or at some point lived there.

    Also, if people actually glanced at a map, they'd see that the city closest to us is...... PHILADELPHIA.

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    Our Disdain for 'The Jersey Shore'

    Not the place, the reality TV show. So many people stereotype the people of South Jersey into the characters of the show. We know that's obviously not the case, but so many people automatically assume that we're all fist-pumping guidos with low IQs and a complete disregard for manners and public decency.

    Truth is, the people of South Jersey couldn't be further from that stereotype. SJ natives are some of the sweetest and selfless people you'll ever meet. Seriously... walk into any of our parents' homes and our moms will feed you like you haven't eaten in six days.

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    Full-Service Gas Stations

    Outsiders believe that we have absolutely no idea how a gas pump works because we don't pump our own gas. Furthermore, they don't understand why we don't pump our own gas.

    We don't because we're special, that's why. And yes, we DO know how to pump our own gas, we just don't have to. Don't be too jealous.

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    What's a Hoagie?

    This is almost EXCLUSIVE to South Jersey. We're the only people in the world that refer to those famous foot-long sandwiches as 'hoagies'. The rest of the world (including the rest of NJ) calls them subs.

    Read the whole backstory behind the reason why South Jersey calls them 'hoagies' HERE!

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    Beach Tags

    Jersey beaches are the only beaches that require beach tags. Not all of them, obviously, but the fact that most do is a foreign concept to most, especially people who hail from California.

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    Pork Roll and Scrapple

    Listen, we know what they're made from. More importantly, we don't really care. They're both delicious.

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    So Many Diners!

    There's nothing quite like a diner meal after a long and rainy day. South Jerseyians LOVE diners. For each town to have more than one is usually the norm.

    Outsiders can't fathom why or how we have so many. Truth be told, I don't know why we have so many either, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Every diner I frequent, I have my go-to order. South Jersey diners just feel like home. You don't know until you experience them.

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    The Left-Hand Turn Issue

    Most people believe that you can't make a left turn anywhere in the state. Add in the idea of a traffic circle and you've completely blown everybody's mind. In actuality, it's not that you can't make a left turn, it's just more regulated here with things like jughandles and left-turn lanes regulated by stoplights.

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    The South Jersey Accent

    We couldn't draft this list without mentioning one the most obvious personal characteristics of almost every single South Jersey native.

    Head north and people do a double-take every time they hear you speak. Why? You don't have a NY accent nor do you sound "normal" like those that call Central Jersey home (Don't even get me started on the North/Central/South issue). Even some Ocean County natives can hear a slight Philly twang when South Jerseyians engage them in conversation. Well, deep South Jerseyians.

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