Miranda Lambert charmed a packed house at the 2017 Taste of Country Music Festival on Saturday night (June 10); the country superstar was in a chatty mood both onstage and during her backstage interview with Taste of Country prior to her set.

She wasn't afraid to be open with ToC Fest-goers, either. When she took breaks to talk to the crowd — and during her pre-show interview—- she dropped in a few interesting tidbits. The following are some of the best ones:

1. "We Should Be Friends" isn't necessarily about her ...

Lambert's recent single "We Should Be Friends" finds the singer reflecting on some of her quirkier qualities ... or does it? Before she played the song at ToC Fest 2017, Lambert shared that, at the beginning, she was trying to write about a friend of hers. Turns out, they're friends for a reason: the lines of "We Should Be Friends" ended up describing Lambert quite well, too.

2. 'Ran is feeling "better and prettier than ever" these days.

Included in Lambert's ToC Fest 2017 set was "Ugly Lights," a song about staying out too late, trying to drink off heartbreak. This rendition came with a short recap of the ups and downs of Lambert’s last two years, and a guarantee that she "made it out better and prettier than ever." That's especially believable following her very confident ToC Fest performance.

3. Gwen Sebastian is one badass backup singer!

Watching Gwen Sebastian perform is a boatload of fun. She's the Robin to Lambert's Batman ... the jelly to her peanut butter ... the cherry on top of her ice cream sundae ... you get the idea. She's clearly having a ball, and Lambert's show is better for it. On Saturday night, Sebastian waltzed around during "All Kinds of Kinds" and rocked "Pink Sunglasses" like very few can.

4. Lambert's alter ego has a name ... and a backstory.

When asked if she does any impressions, Lambert shared that she doesn't, but her alternative is even better: "I do have an alter ego named Janice Haggerty, from Minnesota," she says, putting on her best Fargo-esque accent.

Turns out, Janice has a personality, too: "She's just a Midwest girl who makes casseroles," Lambert explains, joking, "Maybe that's who I am during the day."

5. Who stops Miranda from bringing more dogs home? She does.

Lambert's one of country music's most famous animal lovers, but she's learned to have some self-control. In addition to Lambert herself, her household is currently home to seven rescue dogs and four rescue kittens. "I've put myself on restriction ... It's a lot," Lambert tells us. "I'm at my limit right now."

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