On gloomy days, it's easy to feel like there is nothing fun to do. However, there are tons of ways to have a good time when the weather is far from pleasant. One our favorites is snuggling up and watching a flick!

With millions of options to choose from, picking a movie to watch can be tricky. Fear not because we have a list of awesome films that will captivate your imagination!

The best part? All of the films below were filmed in New Jersey. Whether it was in North Jersey or South Jersey, we put together some great movie titles to get you through the winter season.

  • 1

    'Girl Most Likely'

    The film Girl Most Likely is about a New York playwright named Imogene (Kristen Wiig). Throughout the plot, she finds her way back home and learns how to deal with life's endeavors.

    According to IMDb, this movie was shot in Ocean City, Atlantic City, and Keansburg. Since the film revolves around the main character going back to New Jersey, it is only right that they filmed in Imogene's home state.

  • 2

    '13th Child'

    If you are interested in a horror film, watching the 13th Child would be a good call. The plot of this film is based on the Jersey Devil.

    On IMDb, the filming locations for this film were in Hammonton and Port Republic. With the Jersey Devil's story taking place in the Pine Barrens, it suits this film well that they shot the scenes where the legend lives on.

  • 3

    'A Beautiful Mind'

    A Beautiful Mind is a critically acclaimed classic that is a must-see. It is about the story of the mathematician, John Nash (Russell Crowe), and his journey to finding his inner truth.

    According to IMDb, A Beautiful Mind was shot in Princeton, Belleville, Newark, Jersey City, Bayonne, East Orange, and Madison. Although the locations are in North Jersey, South Jersey can still appreciate that this film takes place in our home state.

  • 4

    'The Bounty Hunter'

    Released in 2010, this rom-com stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler as estranged lovers who experienced a nasty split. Milo Boyd (Butler) is a bounty hunter who is assigned to take down his ex-wife, Nicole Hurly (Aniston).

    On IMDb, it says that the film was shot in Oceanport and Atlantic City. The thought of Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston being in South Jersey is pretty cool to think about. You can see the fun shenanigans they pursued in AC when you watch the movie!

  • 5

    'Guess Who'

    A fun film to watch around the holidays is Guess Who. The film revolves around the story of Theresa (Zoe Saldana) bringing her boyfriend (Ashton Kutcher) home to break the news to her parents that they are engaged.

    This film, according to IMDb, was shot in Cranford and Madison, NJ. However, it still makes this list because it was filmed in Jersey nonetheless!

  • 6

    'The Pick-Up Artist'

    An 80's rom-com with Robert Downey Jr. and Molly Ringwald? Yes, please! This film was centered around a womanizer (Downey) falls for a woman (Ringwald) who gives him a run for his money.

    According to IMDb, The Pick-up Artist was filmed in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Scenes took place on South Jersey's own AC Boardwalk!

  • 7

    'School of Rock'

    School of Rock is an early 2000's classic. Dewey Finn (Jack Black) pretends to be a substitute teacher at a private school and ends up forming an awesome rock band filled with elementary school students.

    IMDb lists that this movie was filmed in Edison, Franklin Lakes, and Rahway, NJ. Sadly Jack Black wasn't in AC, but it's still awesome that the cast was in New Jersey while making this production!

  • 8

    'War of the Worlds'

    This Steven Spielberg classic was partially filmed in our home state! This haunting sci-fi thriller centers around a man (Tom Cruise) and his family fighting for survival after an alien invasion hits Earth.

    Some scenes were shot in Elizabeth, Newark, Howell, and Bayonne, NJ. According to IMDb, parts of the famous plane crash scene were filmed in right here, in New Jersey!

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