How about a positive story about a police officer for a change?

The Lower Township Police Department shared a Facebook post written by Lindsey Selby of Erma that that reminds us of all of the good, positive work that law enforcement officers do everyday.

According to Lindsey, Ofc. Saini of the Lower Township Police Department was working a traffic detail in front of their home. Being a rather hot day, her daughter Sawyer asked if she could give the officer a bottle of water so he wasn't too hot. The officer accepted and that simple gesture led to a mutual friendship.

In her post, Lindsey says, "what started as our daughters respect for police officers led to a mutual friendship. Sawyer would see Ofc Saini in school and in public, each time she would light up like a Christmas tree, she felt safe when he was present."

The best part? Almost one year later on her 6th birthday, Ofc. Saini and his fellow officers participated in a birthday parade for Sawyer. In that parade, Ofc. Saini returned the favor and brought back a bottle of water with some balloons tied to it.

Check out Lindsey's original Facebook post and the video that she posted...

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