The case regarding a Buena home invasion from 2020 is moving forward as charges have been filed against an Absecon man on whose properties evidence had been discovered, thereby allegedly connecting him to the incident. reports that 44-year-old Michael Hayes of Absecon has had charges brought against him including attempted homicide, aggravated assault in the third degree, and conspiracy, among others. Hayes is currently facing drug charges that landed him in custody only two months ago, back in December of 2020.

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The home invasion incident occurred back in September of 2020. The details regarding the events that are claimed to have happened on the night of September 15th are frightening, to say the least. For one, the victim of the home invasion was reportedly tied up. claims that, luckily, he managed to escape to a neighbor's house in an effort to get some help. Before being able to flee the scene, however, he was allegedly shot in the head and sustained serious injury. At first, it was reportedly non-life threatening. However, regardless of the severity, a head injury seems pretty serious.

The 32-year-old victim wasn't dealing with a man-to-man situation, apparently. reports that there is, in fact, an accomplice that Hayes was working with, however that identity is still unknown at the present time. Since the invasion took place in Buena, if you think you have any information regarding the case, you would be encouraged to reach out to the officers over at the Franklin Township Police Department. You can find out how to get ahold of them HERE.

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