Here's a little tip for you young criminals: When you illegally fire a gun into the air and run away, it's probably best to not run toward a police car.

Atlantic City Police Officer Anthony Grajales-Prado was in the area of the 1500 block of Adriatic Avenue Monday night when he heard gunshots. He then watched as Dane Crippen started running toward his police car. Apparently recognizing the cruiser, Crippen abruptly stopped and changed direction:

Officer Grajales-Prado chased Crippen towards Brooklyn Avenue where officers established a perimeter around the area. Crippen was located in high grass attempting to conceal himself. He was found in possession of 17 grams of marijuana.
Officers backtracked the area where Crippen was observed and located a handgun. They also located shell casings from the area where the shots fired were heard.
Police say its surveillance personnel were able to recover video from the shooting - and it showed Crippen shooting into a crowd of people sitting around a picnic table. Video also show Crippen discarding the gun.
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The incident remains under investigation.
Crippen, 21, of Atlantic City, faces a number of charges and was taken to the Atlantic County Jail.


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