Are your co-workers now bringing all of their unwanted Halloween candy to work?

Think back about a week ago: you were all proud of either your Halloween costume or your kid's costume, you mapped-out a trick or treat plan, you spent hours going from house to house accumulating all kinds of candy, and you've been enjoying your favorite sweat treats for the past few days.

Now, it's Election Day, and you've either devoured seven pounds of Candy Corn or you are so sick of the sight of Halloween candy you can't stand it anymore.

It happens every year here at the station and probably at your work place, too. About five or six days after Halloween, little piles of candy start showing-up in the break room or on random desks. Then those piles get bigger and bigger -- and it's either good candy you can't stand anymore or really awful candy you never wanted in the first place and are convinced that weird guy in the office will enjoy it.

Today, we have a whole plastic pumpkin full of pretty good stuff -- Nerds, Tootsie Rolls, etc. By Friday, however, it'll probably be stale Circus Peanuts and Charleston Chews.

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