Twins do stuff together, right?

Apparently, on occasion (allegedly) that means bad stuff too.

Absecon Police say Friday morning at 10:20am, Lenny and Kenny Stewart stole numerous bars of soap from the Shoprite in Absecon.

They were caught, because, well, they ran directly into the long arms of the law.

Police say the 48 year-old twins ran from the store, and directly towards a police officer who was in the parking lot at the time, dealing with another incident.

Lenny Stewart was quickly apprehended, but Kenny Stewart tried to run in another direction. He, unfortunately for him, ran right into the path of another officer, who was in the Rite Aid parking lot.

Both men were charged with shoplifting and sent to the Atlantic County Jail.

Yes, you've probably figured it out by now: Despite their attempt to steal numerous bars of soap, they did not make a clean getaway.......