It's good to have famous friends. In his "Sleep Without You" music video, newcomer Brett Young is telling the current Miss USA that he can't fall asleep without her. Olivia Jordan stars in the clip.

Much of the music video is focused on Young, a tall Californian that's been compared to Lee Brice and Brett Eldredge. His debut single is a self-written (along with Kelly Archer and Justin Ebach), R&B influenced love song about how hard it is to fall asleep alone. His girlfriend (played by Jordan) is out with friends and he's doing anything to get some shuteye. Tossing, turning, television, basketball ... none of it works.

Finally, Jordan and Young share a scene when she comes in and slips off her heels and spaghetti-strap dress to join him in bed. Wearing not much at all, Jordan crawls beside the singer as he's pretending to be sleeping. Then, he flips over and the two embrace.

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Young tells Taste of Country he was able to land Jordan in the "Sleep Without You" music video because he's friends with Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez.

“For the past few years I’ve played in the Miss Nevada pageant, and the first year that I played it the girl that won Miss Nevada ended up winning Miss USA," he says, referring to Sanchez. "I became good friends with her and at the time her fiancé, her now husband.”

So before they put out an official casting call, he called Sanchez and asked her to call Jordan. The dates worked and Jordan agreed to do it. As for that kiss? Well, Young says he was grateful to be working with an acting pro, because he is not one.

“I’ve never been that comfortable with the acting thing," Young, from the Huntington Beach area of Southern California, says. "It’s difficult for me to separate what’s really going on. If there’s kissing, that’s kissing. I’m not acting, I don’t know how.”

“Luckily she’s a pro and she was very professional and very easy to work with.”

"Sleep Without You" is a song on Young's self-titled EP, released to iTunes in February.

Watch Brett Young Perform "In Case You Didn't Know" 

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