Burlington County is looking for help in getting rid of and beating the bug. The bug just just happens to be one of the most invasive insects around.

The spotted lanternfly is a plant hopper which feeds on plant sap and can cause extensive damage to grapevines, maples, black walnut and so may other important plants.

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Even though we are still in the icy grip of Old Man Winter, the spring season will be here before you know it. That's why officials in Burlington County are calling on residents and asking for their help now, by beating the bugs and destroying their egg masses.

Here's how you can become a spotted lanternfly bug buster and all you need to help out is a scrapper, plastic zipper bags and alcohol or hand sanitizer. You'll also be helping the Burlington County Parks System and Rutgers Cooperative Extension in helping remove the nasty egg masses from trees in County Parks and also neighborhoods in Burlington County.

The battle is on to remove these intrusive pests and plant eaters before real damage can be done.  If you'd like to volunteer and become an bug buster you can sign up to help. You'll also get an official beat the bug plastic card which is used to remove spot lanternfly egg masses. You'll also get forms to fill out and record exactly where an egg mass is located for tracking purposes.

Nearly two dozen residents have volunteered to help to keep Burlington County's numerous parks, forests, and farms spotted lanternfly free.

sources: co.burlington.nj.us extenension.psu.edu

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