Wouldn't it be great if you just found some tickets to the Jason Aldean concert at Boardwalk Hall Saturday Night?

Well, hopefully you can, with our Cat Country Scavenger Hunt!

Here's the deal: We are hiding a secret Jason Aldean "treasure" early tomorrow morning. If you find it, you could win a pair of tickets for the show Saturday night.

The other part of the puzzle you'll need to actually win the tickets is the "secret word." (We'd hate for someone who is unaware of the scavenger hunt to stumble upon the tickets and accidentally win them.)

How to win: Listen to Cat Country 107.3 Friday morning beginning at 6am. I'll be revealing clues on the air - plus the "secret word." To help you, there will be different clues revealed here at catcountry1073.com.

The rules: Don't break any laws, don't hurt anyone. You're responsible for yourself and your actions during this contest. (We won't bail you out of jail.) Be the first one to find the treasure, follow the instructions with the treasure, know the secret word, and you win 2 concert tickets.

You will know "the treasure" when you see it. It will be somewhere outside, in a public place. You will not have to touch anything, move anything, climb on anything, or buy anything to reach the treasure. You will not be able to spot the treasure while on a road or highway.

So, wake up early, be nice to your fellow scavengers,

and good luck! The hunt starts Friday morning at 6am!

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