If you told me before that all I would have to do is lay down for about a half hour with a laser unit strapped on my stomach and I would lose an inch, I would have thought you were crazy. I can only talk about my own personal experience with Strawberry Laser Lipo; my results were pretty amazing. Like most people, I want to find all of the best tricks to shed some pounds. If I could find a nice booster that will help me feel better and more confident, count me in.

I went to Dr. Back's office with some apprehensions. How could lasers help me lose weight? How can this treatment I had never heard of before melt the fat away? I was a skeptic. There's nothing wrong with being apprehensive; that makes the results even more amazing.

When I got to the office Kara had the machine all set up. There was a large band that was going to be going around my stomach area and attached with some Velcro. The first step was measuring my waist and hips. Lifting up your shirt and looking at yourself in the mirror is one thing, but doing it in front of someone else while they measure you is another. However, Kara is great and I didn't feel self conscious. Granted, I did film it so that wasn't exactly fun.

Once we got the starting point, it was time to start the treatment. The laser unit was placed on the upper part of my abdomen and I laid down as it did its work. The process melts away the fat and flushes it out using your lymphatic system. I was shocked that it got warm, but not hot. I assumed that I would get nasty and sweaty underneath the unit, but to my surprise I wasn't.

After a short while, about 10 or so minutes, we moved the unit to the lower part of my abdomen. It wasn't uncomfortable, if anything it felt like a warm hug.

The next part was where things got good. Kara measured me once more and I was floored when she said I lost an inch.

Excuse me? What?!?!

Kara then had me step onto a crazy vibrating plate to help my lymphatic system flush everything out. It felt like I was on one of those old school workout machines. It honestly did feel like a weird workout; my muscles contracted so much.

Watch my entire experience here:

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