I'm a big fan of ice cream. I'm also highly addicted to my cell phone. In this pretty cool, yet darn near useless cell phone app, Häagen-Dazs not only wastes my time, but totally amazes me. It might sound like I hate having my time wasted... Not the case at all. I'd rather spend my time waiting for my ice cream to hit the correct temperature for optimum enjoyment than waste my time playing yet another round of 'Running with Friends!'

Check out Häagen-Dazs genius new orchestral app that will let you know the perfect time to start eating your ice cream!

Just so you know, I'm totally downloading this app tonight and buying several pints of ice cream in all different brands in the name of research... I want to see if it works with anything other than Häagen-Dazs... like I said... for research purposes!

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