I know there is something wrong with the road. They know there is something wrong with the road. So, why don't they just fix it?

The road I'm talking about is West Jersey Avenue, between English Creek Avenue and Ivins Avenue in Egg Harbor Township.

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you're heading east on West Jersey, before you get to Ivins, there's a big dip in the road. It's a ditch in the road. A drop in the road. A bump.

It's been there for at least 6 weeks, maybe a lot longer.

I know it's been there, because I often hit the bump with my car. Badump!

Here's the thing... I know it's there, and THEY KNOW IT'S THERE, too!

I know THEY know it's there because they put a traffic barrel next to indent in the road. A traffic barrel.

Not a sign saying, "Watch for the bump." Nope, it's just a barrel off to the side of the road. The barrel doesn't say anything. It just let's me know that THEY know.

Of course, better than sticking a barrel there would be to FIX THE FREAKING ROAD!

Why can't they do that?

IMPORTANT NOTE: I call out EHT to fix the road, but I honestly don't know if it's the township's responsibility, the county's responsibility, or the state's responsibility.

Whoever has the responsibility to fix the road, can you please fix it? That barrel ain't cutting it.



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