Facebook, you crazy!

So I'm thumbing through my Facebook news feed the other day, when up popped up a suggestion from Facebook.

Facebook wants me to "Try Out a Dating Profile."

One problem, Facebook. I'm not single. I'm in a committed relationship. Married.

But, you know, when has that ever stopped anyone!

I continue to read on as Facebook suggested some photos for my dating profile.

Again, why not check out what the mighty Facebook has to say and suggest?

This is where things get good. (Well, I think, as I've never really had an online dating profile with photos!)

So.. for my first dating profile photo, Facebook suggested I use this:


Yes, that's me alright. And... that's my mom!

Again, I'm not on the dating scene, but I can't imagine a guy posting a photo of him and his mother is going to make the phone ring - or the texting happen, or the emails pour in or whatever.

Are you ready for Facebook's suggested dating profile photo number two?

Here it is:


OK, so that's me and Country Star Brantley Gilbert!

So, Facebook, how does pairing my old out of shape ass with a hot young superstar make me more attractive? Will those hot single girls want to date me in hopes that my man Brantley comes with me to knock on their door and go out to the movies?

Will single women just assume he's my butler or something?

Again, I'm in a committed relationship and I'm not dating, so girls even though the photos of me and my mom and me and Brantley Gilbert might be titillating to you, it's not happening.....

Thanks Facebook. Thanks for the laughs!

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