An FBI investigation concerning some Margate city workers and their prescription drug plans is underway, and a grand jury subpoena has been ordered for related information, according to NBC 10's Ted Greenberg.

The grand jury subpoena requests a listing of all police, fire and city employees who have Express Scripts, Medco and/or NJ. Direct as part of their health care plans.

Greenberg reports that there was a massive spike in costs for prescription drugs by Margate city workers over a one-year period. Documents from Margate City show the cost for prescription drugs for city workers in 2014 was $713,935, but jumped to $3,351,726 in 2015, even though a similar number of prescriptions were filled.

The NBC 10 exclusive report, airing during Friday's 6pm newscast, quotes an expert in local government research from Rutgers University as saying this could be a case of city employees "gaming the system".

According to NBC 10's Greenberg, a number of Margate municipal employees have already been questioned by the FBI.


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