If you shop at Walmart or Acme in Mays Landing, it appears that some road construction may change your driving plans in the near future.

For the past several weeks, construction crews have been installing a large cable underground along the median of the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor and Hamilton Townships. It now appears that cable project will impact the many left turn lanes in Mays Landing.

Within the past few days, numerous detour signs have been posted between Cologne and Leipzig Avenues, highlighting detours for "shopping center" and Cologne Avenue. Many of these signs are still covered, however, Mother Nature has revealed a few, giving away the secrets of what workers will be doing soon.

Luckily for drivers, turn lanes are numerous near the Hamilton Mall and Cologne Avenue, so the posted detours won't much of an inconvenience except for maybe having to sit at another traffic light or two.

Road work signs along the Black Horse Pike in Mays Landing - Photo: Chris Coleman

And if I may opine for a moment, I can only hope that a part of whatever is costing nearly $12 million involves repaving the Black Horse Pike near the mall. A few months ago, one bumpy lane was repaved but the one right next to it, which is just as bad if not worse, was not. If you're going to repave half of the road, how 'bout we go all-in and do the entire thing?

Black Horse Pike in Mays Landing - Photo: Chris Coleman
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