Newshub says that some men are under the impression that if they receive the COVID-19 vaccine in their penis, it will be more effective.

Why would they think that? Because they saw it on the internet.

People can do anything on photoshop and this looks like a classic photoshop headline. Unfortunately, because it had CNN on it, people thought it was legit.

Many doctors have said there is no truth to the claim that the coronavirus vaccine is more effective if it is administered in men's penises and they beg men to please not ask for it when it's being given. Doctors want us all to be aware that there is misinformation out there and will probably never stop. if any questions arise, you should always talk to your doctor.

I swear, people will believe anything they see on the internet. Browsing the internet and not checking the source is something people need to STOP doing, like for good. This has been going on forever, but I feel like it's happened more with the presidential election, big time with the coronavirus pandemic and now with the coronavirus vaccine, people just post anything they see on the internet. I, for one, get so frustrated because sometimes these things that are posted are so outrageous. I get it, people are scared of this pandemic. Hey, we're almost 1 year exactly in this pandemic and it still scares me. But, to believe that the vaccine will work better because it's injected into genitalia, well, that's just silliness.

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