Dear Atlantic City, isn't it about time that you tried another sports venture? How about Bikini Hockey?

In a town that likes and supports hockey - well, kinda - doesn't it seem natural that hockey needs a redo in the city now known for "Do AC'? The Boardwalk Bullies of the East Coast Hockey League had a good but short run in Atlantic City. Isn't it time to try again?

In a town that likes and supports bikinis, isn't it time that we brought bikins off the beach and indoors? I mean, without stripper poles.....

I found this website,, while searching for.....well, never mind what i was searching for. I think it would work in Atlantic City. Two things we love: hockey and bikinis, both in one place - Boardwalk Hall. Why, it'll be like the Miss America Pagent is back - but, with high-sticking and blood, and stuff.

From the look of the website, it looks like bikini hockey is only trolling the frozen indoor ponds of Tulsa, Oklahoma for now, but who knows, maybe South Jersey could be stop #2.