News from Cumberland County emerges regarding a prisoner that was released from prison due to COVID-19 concerns within the facility who now will be sent to the Midwest to face similar charges of child sexual assault.

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A Hi-Nella man who was convicted and sentenced here in New Jersey for multiple child sexual assault charges will now be sent to Missouri where he will face even more charges. According to, Eston D. Spain was released from the state facility as a result of the rising number of coronavirus cases. He will now be transported to the Midwest to face a warrant that was issued regarding sodomy counts involving a child under the age of fourteen.

The warrant was reportedly issued this year for an incident that happened in 2014. While Spain waits for transport, he is currently being held in the Cumberland County jail. Under terms of his release here in New Jersey, Spain is required to report himself to be added to the sex offender registry and will also face a lifetime of parole.

Nothing has yet been reported on whether or not Spain will be mandated to return to New Jersey for any reason. If he should return, however, no time frame could possibly be predicted for when that would even be possible since he has yet to face a judge or jury for the charges brought against him in Missouri.

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