If you throw your hot dog, can your girlfriend catch it in her bun?

This Saturday, at 10am,  Bally's Wild Wild West Casino is hosting the Cat Country Hot Dog Throw and Catch Contest!

6 teams of one man and one woman will compete for the big prize: 2 Nights Stay at Bally's and a $200 gift certificate for Food and Drink.

Each round, the man on each team will throw his hot dog - and the woman must catch it in her bun.... If they complete the pass, they move on to the next round. If they fail, they're out. Play will continue until all but one couple is eliminated. They will be the wieners! Uh, the winners....

5 couples have qualified for the Hot Dog action- and, we have one more opening for one more team. If you and your hot-dog-throwing-partner are interested in taking part,  report to the Cat Country Tent on the Boardwalk at Bally's at 10am sharp. We'll do a drawing to determine the final team.

The contest is helping to draw attention to the new Hot Dog Pickup Window at Gold Tooth Gertie's Hot Dog Pickup Window on the Boardwalk at the Wild Wild West Casino. Gourmet hot dogs and more will be sold, with prices starting at a dollar a dog.

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