The terrorist attacks in Belgium is the most recent in a series of violent events that create a sense of fear and anxiety in all of us especially our children.

We live in a unique time where an infinite amount of information is at the finger tips of anyone who has a device that can connect to the internet. News is everywhere. Whether or not we want to believe it, children are being exposed to images and language that is not suitable for their age. How do we explain these events to our children in a way that will not negatively effect them?

Control your reactions to disturbing events: Kids are like sponges and they are especially sensitive to how we as parents act. The way we handle the news has a big effect on how they determine their own approach.

Reassure your kids that they are safe: Children don’t feel as safe when they see bad things happening around them or in other areas. Even if something bad is happening across the world to them it might as well be happening in their backyard. We should not try to diminish their fear and concerns but instead just reassure them that they are safe and we, as parents, are doing everything you can to keep them safe.

Be willing to talk with your kids: Be readily available for questions and conversation with your kids. It’s a really good time to ask them what they know, considering most of the things they have seen or heard will come from their siblings or friends.  Children tend to see the morality of events in black-and-white and are still in the process of developing their own morals. This gives you a chance to correct facts and make sure your child is handling things in an appropriate manner.

Its unfortunate that we live in a world today where we have to deal with these sort of events, but it’s the harsh reality. Arming ourselves with the appropriate tools and approaches to support our children will be helpful to all of us.

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