The wait is over! Three of the four farmers on the hit Fox dating reality show Farmer Wants A Wife have found their person. Prior to the finale, Farmer Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errera stopped by the Taste of Country studio for their first interview since being a couple!

They shared behind-the-scenes moments that fans didn’t get to see, as well as what their future plans are now that filming is over.

What did you do when the camera crew left?

“After we wrapped filming and they were like, okay, this is your life. Go do whatever,” Errera shares. “And we were like, huh? We didn't know the first thing to do. 'Cause we, I remember we drove back home, got back to his house. We got out and I was like, what now? What are we supposed to do now?

“We sat in his — he has this, like, lifted camo truck. And me and him sat in that truck for like three hours eating Chick- fil-A, just relaxing.”

“And the battery was dead. 'Cause I hadn't driven in a couple weeks. And it was so content just sitting in the dead truck,” Kolinsky shares.

“We wanted to go on a ride, but it didn't start. So we just stayed there and we just, like, talked and then went to Arkansas. And it was just like the best time of my life,” Errera adds, smiling.

Sydney, how did you know he was the one?

“The first time I met him on the 10-minute conversation, for some reason it was just like, oh, it's me and him at the end.” she shares. “That's why I never stressed during filming. I never had freak outs or whatever. 'Cause I was just so confident in that I was gonna be with him. Honestly, it just made everything go good.”

“But I wanna interrupt her and say, but it was great to see her at peace through the whole process. She handled everything so well,” he adds.

“When I brought in a new girl in a past episode, the other girls walked out of the house. She just sat on the couch right by me. And we had a later conversation. She said, you know, I never would have left you. And part of the reason bringing the girl home, not only to maybe find an attraction with her, but to test the other girls. And she didn't know that at the time, of course, but I just wanted to see how she would handle it. And she passed the test.”

Farmer Mitchell, what did you look for when selecting the women?

“I felt like the bio was really important, let alone three to four sentences,” he shares. “That was all I knew about them, so I really had to pay attention to those details. Where they were from, that means a lot. How close they are with their family. What they do.”

What about Sydney’s bio did you draw to?

“It was a baseball card picture, and she's wearing a New York Yankees jersey in the stadium. And I thought she just looked absolutely beautiful. Out of 45 women before I met her, she was my number one. Cause I had to list them in order.”

Sydney, why a farmer?

“I was talking to my mom about it, and she was like, Sid, just do it. And I have always been the person to just say yes, even if it might not be the best idea. I'm always like, let's do it. Let's try it out.”

“Who cares if it fails? But I saw this, and I was just thinking, this is so fun. I would love to be on a farm. I love animals, so I knew I would be comfortable doing it. I don't think I would have done a different TV show if it meant that I was going to be uncomfortable or unsafe feeling.”

“But, I knew just from you're on a farm, you're trying to find a husband on a farm. How bad could it really be, you know? So I was just ready to go.”

What did time look like together when the show was still airing, but you have now been dating for five months?

“Like, I just wanted to go to Chick-fil-A or Panera, and she's like, 'Well, should we wear a mask?'” he recalls.

“No, I said we should wear a wig,” she jokes.

“Okay, a wig. And we never went that far. We just did our duties and kept it low key and went through the drive through. And I'd be like, just lean seat back a little bit. I'm a big guy by the window. I'm like, thank you so much [to the employee]. We get it done the right way.”

Did production treat you to a post-show trip?

“They did send us to California. We went out to California and they got us, like, a little, it was an Airstream,” she shares.

“Like a 1978 long silver bullet, 30-foot - beautiful,” he describes. “Beneath some water oaks that were gorgeous up in an avocado farm.”

“So we would open the door and we would walk with our coffee around the avocado farms and just had so much fun. There was no one else there. I was like, this is perfect. Yeah, that was great,” Ezra says with a smile.

What did the women do on your down time?

“They would give us coloring books and bracelet makers,” she shares. “They also had a lot of land to walk around and horses, they roam for miles. We would walk around all day, big on walks."

“We had a lot of bonfires, and they never really captured those because we would film, what, like eight to eight? So we'd have bonfires, you know, nine, ten o'clock. And those were always really special moments. Playing music, singing. After we filmed all day, we would sit by the fire for, like, three, four hours, talk about the day, and just ask questions that we want to know that we don't want to talk about on camera.”

What does the future hold?
“We can't do long distance forever. We've talked about this, and the plan is within the next year, her moving down here and maybe in a couple years, a wedding. Yeah,” he confidently says.

“I've always had a hard time with, like, committing to some things, and now I realize why. I think it's 'cause he came into my life, actually,” she shares. "The first 10 minutes I met him, I was like, I'm, like, already committed to this man for some reason. That's why I never left when the new girl came.

“First time I saw her was a picture, but then when I got to know her, it was the multiple cherries on top that — she likes to fish and she loves to be outdoors,” he shares. “And she wants to raise a family the way I want to raise a family. That's really important. And she could be that nurturing mother of my kids. So, I'm not looking at just a short-term thing here. I'm looking at the big picture. And she checked a lot of boxes.”

In addition to Mitchell and Sydney, Farmer Nathan and Taylor were able to share their next steps.

What’s in store with Farmer Nathan Smothers and Taylor?

"Basically, I don't expect Taylor to move here,” Smothers shares. “I want her to want to move here. I'm not gonna put pressure on her by any means because she's giving up a whole entire life in Dallas, and how unfair would it be for me to give an ultimatum and be like, 'Okay, well, you have to give up everything just to be with me.'

“I want there to be a want to be here. So with that being said, kind of the plan that we've came up with is hopefully her lease ends in Dallas between September and November. She could have an extension period. And so the goal and the plan is for her to move down during that time period.

“So, in the meanwhile, we'll take a couple trips, see each other and enjoy this time in our relationship where we can. Just really appreciate when we do have time together.”

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