Jelly Roll officially has a teen driver, and it seems like his daughter, Bailee, might be leveraging her new freedom to sneak out of the house.

“When your teen gets caught sneaking out,” the singer's wife, Bunnie Xo, captions a reel on Instagram.

The video starts off with Bunnie shaking her head, then panning to Bailee as she jokingly accept suspicion, all soundtracked by the My Chemical Romance song "Teenagers."

In a black-and-white security footage showing the couple’s backyard, two people can be seen in bottom righthand corner. Bailee and a friends can be seen ducking down in an attempt of being missed by the cameras as they sneak out.

Ironically, the pair’s plan didn’t exactly play out as they thought it would, and the security camera caught the whole thing.

It’s a maneuver that hit many hard, with multiple people flooding the comments with their own nostalgic stories of sneaking out of the house as teenagers.

“At least she didn't push the car out of the driveway and pop the clutch to start it while it was rolling out into the road,” one follower writes.

Fellow country artist Megan Patrick wrote: “Feeling grateful my parents had neither cameras nor security when I was sneaking out.”

Comically, the footage continues, showing the two girls walking the country star’s property, only to be caught by security and sent back home.

Jelly and Bunnie recently gifted their daughter with a new vehicle for her 16th birthday. It wasn’t the typical car a young teen might want choose they have a gratuitous budget, but it was perfect for their daughter.

Bailee chose a GMC Sierra 1500 truck, and her reaction is priceless.

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