NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace and his wife Amanda used their friends and family to epically reveal the gender of the baby they're expecting.

With a reel on Instagram, the couple documented their creative way to involve their loved ones in finding if they would be having a boy or a girl.

Throughout the yard, they had 23 eggs hidden. Friends and family would search the yard for the eggs, and then the parents-to-be would open them one by one.

In each egg, there was either a pink or blue beaded necklace. As the awaiting parents opened the eggs, they would place the necklace around their necks and tally up the amount of blue and pink.

Wallace’s facial expression left no question as to the gender he was hoping their little one would be. Every time a blue necklace was lifted into the air, his smile grew bigger and bigger.

Once the couple opened the last egg, Wallace jumped with excitement as blue smoke and confetti filled the air behind them.

“In case you missed it… IT’S A BOY,” the couple wrote on Instagram.

The couple shared that they would be welcoming their first child in April.

With multiple photos holding a sonogram, the two announced their future son will be welcomed into their world in October of 2024.

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