🍀 An iconic minty treat from McDonald's will be available on Monday

🍀Its return is two weeks earlier than last year

It’s that time of year that McDonald’s fans love: the return of the famous Shamrock Shake.

Last year, the sweet Irish treat from Mickey D’s was released on Feb. 20.

This year? The iconic minty-green drink returns to McDonald’s two weeks earlier, on Monday, February 5.

How lucky can you get, right?

It’s only available for a limited time, usually through St. Patrick’s Day.

Shamrock Shake and Oreo McFlurry (McDonald's)
Shamrock Shake and Oreo McFlurry (McDonald's)

According to its website, the classic Shamrock Shake is made with creamy vanilla soft serve, blended with mint syrup, and topped with a sweet, whipped topping. It also comes with a cherry on top. The syrup, by the way, is actually a mix of peppermint extract and green food coloring.

If you’re watching your calories, just know that a small Shamrock Shake has 460 calories with 63 grams of sugar. There are 100 calories more in a medium shake at 56, and 78 grams of sugar. The large consists of 800 calories and 113 grams of sugar.

For a hint of something different, the fast food chain is also bringing back a fan favorite, the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, which comes blended with crushed Oreo cookies.

Be sure to snag a minty Shamrock Shake while supplies last.

According to 247 Wall Street, there are 258 McDonald's locations in New Jersey as of 2021.

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