Did anyone else’s parents tuck them in as child by saying “Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite” and did it leave you with a fear of bed bugs from that point on?

Just me? Oh cool.

Well, residents of one New Jersey city may have to start getting used to saying it because they made a list of 2024’s worst cities for bed bug infestations. (City health officials, by the way, dispute this finding. More on that in a bit.)

In preparation for Bed Bug Awareness Week starting June 2 (better mark that in your calendar now), Pest Gnome ranked U.S. cities to determine which were the most burdened by the critters.

Bed Bug Summit Held Near Chicago
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To come to their conclusion, they compared the 500 biggest U.S. cities based on the following categories:

🔴 Infestation risk (Share of multi-unit residential buildings, number of used furniture stores, accommodations)

🔴 Pest control (number of exterminators per 10,000 homes, Google searches for bed bug related keywords)

🔴 Population density

Based on that methodology, Pest Gnome determined that Jersey City is the 10th worst city in the U.S. for bed bug infestations.

Welcome to Jersey City sign at the Holland Tunnel (Google Maps)
Welcome to Jersey City sign at the Holland Tunnel (Google Maps)

Of the 500 cities that were looked at in the study, Jersey City ranked 26th in "Infestation Risk," 46th in "Pest Control" and 3rd when it comes to "Population Density."

Hey at least we’re not No. 1. New York City got to take that crown in all three categories.

As for the study, public health officials in Jersey City call it completely "bogus."

The rankings are not based on any measurement of actual bed bugs, mostly just internet searches.

"How do those accurately measure bed bug infestations?" a city spokeswoman asked.

Bedbug Insecticide Risk

How to protect yourself in any city

If you’re traveling soon be sure to keep an eye out for the pests catching a ride in your luggage to avoid further infestations:

⚫ Know how to identify baby bed bugs, eggs, and other stages of this pest’s life.
⚫ Take a close look at fur if you’re vacationing with a pet.

Another important thing to remember is that - despite their name - bed bugs aren’t just in mattresses, check your couch cushions, bathroom, and even behind loose wallpaper.

Definitely be cautious if you're going in or out of Jersey City!

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