It’s become our favorite convenience store.

Wawa is a staple of New Jersey. The two go hand in hand. You can’t think of Wawa without thinking of New Jersey (at least I can’t).

And now they’ve started offering so much more than they originally did. They even have pizza now!

New Jersey has 285 Wawa’s, about 28% of the total number of Wawa’s in the country.

By comparison, Florida, which has the second highest Wawa count, has 267 for about 26% of total Wawa’s.

It’s crazy to think how a state like New Jersey has more than Florida.

Pennsylvania has 250 Wawa’s, Virginia 109, Maryland 63, Delaware 48 and Washington D.C. 5.

Pennsylvania, where Wawa originated, has less in total than New Jersey. We’re officially the Wawa capital of the world!

In typical Jersey fashion, we may not have the most land, but we’re going to have the most in population.

With the way Wawa has been expanding in recent years, there’s no doubt that more states will start hopping on the Wawa trend.

Bill Doyle wrote just a few weeks ago on our website that Wawa CEO Chris Geyhens talked about wanting to "branch into new markets."

Whether that means moving Wawa to new states entirely or adding more Wawa's to existing markets remains to be seen. I think it's fair to assume that with the success of Wawa in their established markets, we will be seeing them pop up in more states soon.

It seems Wawa is a train with a head full of steam that will continue to expand.

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Gallery Credit: Joe Votruba

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