It’s not exactly the first food you think of when it comes to a summer feast but who doesn’t love a good batch of fried chicken?

It’s one of America’s favorite comfort food and it even has its own national day. Just two days after the Fourth of July, National Fried Chicken Day is the perfect time to take a break from the BBQ scene.

Hand holding Fried chicken and eating in the restaurant

The best part about fried chicken is that you can eat it in multiple ways. Chicken and waffles is a fan favorite, there’s the classic fried chicken sandwich or just a bucket of actual fried chicken.

Gabe Pierce via Unsplash
Gabe Pierce via Unsplash

Leave it to Yelp to come up with the best fried chicken in every state so naturally, we need to know where to venture in New Jersey.

But we always need to know the go-to places in our surrounding areas. Here are the best places to get fried chicken in our neighboring states.

Rowdy Rooster in New York City

Love & Honey Fried Chicken in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

BIRDCODE Hot Chicken in West Hartford, Connecticut

BRD in Baltimore, Maryland

If you want to stay within the state, you’ll want to venture up to Mama Chicken in Palisades Park.

See Yelp's full list HERE.

If you're into homemade recipes, check out this summer flatbread that's easy to make:

Two easy and delicious flatbreads for summer

Gallery Credit: Dennis Malloy

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