There's nothing more fun than living in Jersey; my career in radio has taken me to a lot of different places over the years, but there's really something special about Jersey.

Whether it's all the great communities, or the easy access to the Jersey Shore the Garden State just hits differently.

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Maybe it has something to do with the state's amazing food scene.

Everywhere you go, you've got amazing restaurants and little spots to try like Capones in Toms River, Wunder Weiner in Beachwood, or Rosies in Ocean Gate there's always something good!

So when two restaurants in Bayville are being called the best NJ restaurants you've never heard of, you know you have to check them out.

2 Bayville, NJ Restaurants Ranked Among The Best Places To Eat In New Jersey

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According to Patch, these two places kind of fly under the radar but are some worth a visit.

First up is Senza Cucina, hidden in a strip mall of Atlantic City Boulevard this hidden gem serves up some truly delicious Italian food, and supposedly serves up some of the best pasta and meatballs in the state.

Also making the list of most under-the-radar restaurants in the state was Grits And Grace.

This place really is a hidden gem.

Also located off Route 9, you'll drive right by it if you aren't looking for it but the staff who runs this place is incredible, and the breakfast food that they make is second to none.

In fact, Grites and Grace are said to serve up the best breakfast in New Jersey, according to Patch.

And if you're looking to try all the best diners in New Jersey, here's a little list to get you started.

NJ Diners that are open 24/7

Hours as of September 2023.

Gallery Credit: Jordan Jansson, Mike Brant

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