There's nothing more important than a good education as you grow up, and good teachers to provide it for you.

I remember being in middle school, and my science teacher Mr. Moore was one of the best teachers ever.

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I was never very interested in STEM-type classes, which explains how I landed in radio, but he was always able to make science fun and interesting for the whole class.

So when it's announced that school districts across the Garden State are going to be making some big cuts soon, it's frustrating, especially when it's all budget-related.

4 New Jersey Counties Are Making Big Cuts To Their Staff

Hazlet Township School District, Matawan Aberdeen Regional, Red Bank Regional, and Upper Township School District are making a total of 62 cuts to staff according to

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Apparently, these cuts are part of a new budget that is affecting some school districts much differently than others.

Some schools are being more funded, and others are having to make cuts.

Other schools have had to make recent cuts as well says

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FreeholdRegional has had to lay off 39 teachers and staff, Asbury Park School District is cutting roughly 27 teaching jobs and staff, and South Orange Maplewood is cutting 28 positions.

It's incredibly frustrating to hear things like this, if there's any job that should be paid more, it's teachers.

They do so much for our communities and it always seems like they are some of the first jobs to get cut when budgets get tight.

That all being said, Jersey is still a fantastic place for you to raise your family.

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