It's hard to stay under the radar in New Jersey, especially when it comes to food, but these eateries are being spotlighted among the best in New Jersey that you never heard of.

There has been an amazing list put together by of great Garden State restaurants you've never heard of. It's a veritable food bucket list for Jersey Shore food lovers.

Some Great New Jersey Restaurants You May Have Never Heard Of

I'm going to pluck a few from their list of 33 that I've been to and add a couple of my own. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these great restaurants.

The first name on the list that caught my eye was Grits and Grace in Bayville. I was there not too long ago and the food was outstanding, and the people couldn't be nicer. I'm getting the impression it won't stay "never heard of" for long.

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I also saw Macc's in Seaside Park on the list, and while I haven't been there myself, a few friends have told me I have to give it a try. it made this list, so it's going on my summer to-do list as well.

Other Great Undiscovered Restaurants At The Jersey Shore

I know that if you've been around since 1966 you're far from "never heard of", but if you're not from the Point Pleasant area, you may not have eaten at Graziano's yet, and I'd like to humbly add it to the conversation for the benefit of those who haven't.

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You should check out the rest of the list of 33 restaurants you've never heard of and put together a bucket list for yourself this summer at the Jersey Shore.

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