So let's look at the numbers when it comes to income here in the Garden State. In a recent Patch article, they discussed money and how things are financially here in the Garden State. "New Jersey’s median household income is $96,346, which is more than $20,000 higher than the nation’s median household income of $74,755, according to the U.S. Census Bureau." According to NJ Spotlight News, "New Jersey residents  had the highest incomes of any state in the nation last year, but  real incomes have not recovered from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic." So even though things can be expensive in the Garden State, it appears we have very good incomes.


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So let's look at how and where the money breaks down. Patch listed the TOP 10 New Jersey counties in regards to income:

  1. Hunterdon County: $142,518
  2. Somerset County: $135,577
  3. Morris County: $131,795
  4. Monmouth County: $118,194
  5. Bergen County: $114,336
  6. Sussex County: $113,640
  7. Middlesex County: $102,400
  8. Burlington County: $100,478
  9. Warren County: $98,867
  10. Gloucester County: $98,301

The Counties that did not make the TOP 10 include:

  • Atlantic
  • Camden
  • Cape May
  • Cumberland
  • Essex
  • Hudson
  • Mercer
  • Ocean
  • Passaic
  • Salem
  • Union


So did any of the counties that made the TOP 10 surprise you? Were any of the states that did not make the list surprise you? Alexander Grey Alexander Grey


How do you feel? Does New Jersey's higher incomes balance out with the cost of living in the state? Does the cost of living in the Garden State outpace the income level that we have? Are you at the same level (income) that you were "pre-pandemic"? Have your property taxes increased? We know we have the highest property taxes in the nation. "New Jersey's effective tax rate is 2.23%, the highest in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, according to Tax Foundation's analysis of the Census Bureau's most recent data." Let us know what you think and post your comments below.


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