I remember the days when there were basically three ways to pay for things we bought.

You either paid with cash, check or credit card.  Then the MAC Card (debit card) became popular, and we loved it.  We no longer had to visit a bank branch, during banking hours to withdraw money from our checking account.

Next up, new chip technology.  A tiny chip was somehow embedded into our cards, and that was supposed to offer a new layer of security.   Is it me, or does it seem like every time I have to insert the card, I never insert it properly on the first try.

Just as we got used to the chip, along came the tap cards.  That was supposed to eliminate the need to insert the card.  All we have to do is tap it on the screen.

I'm just now getting used to that, and now they're getting ready to introduce yet another new way to pay, and we won't even need the card.

Whole Foods has introduced a technology that allows customers to pay for groceries by scanning their palm over a device.

Like fingerprints, every human has a unique palm print.  Your palm print will be kept by Amazon (owner of Whole Foods).  As you check out, you'll scan your palm over a reader, and the money will be deducted from your account.

Amazon says they won't share your information with third parties, including law enforcement, unless legally compelled to do so.  They also say they won't use your information for marketing purposes.

Whole Foods has 23 stores in New Jersey and all but three are already using the technology.  The plan is for the remaining stores in New Jersey as well as across the country to have the technology in place shortly.

Now that the technology is available, it's probably just a question of time before other retailers follow suit with similar technology in their locations.

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