A DWI checkpoint has been announced for this weekend in South Jersey.

Linwood Police Plan a DWI Checkpoint

Linwood Police plans to hold a DWI checkpoint this Friday, June 21. The police aren't saying the exact times of the checkpoint; they are only saying that it will be in the evening hours.

The checkpoint will take place at the intersection of New Road and Oak Avenue.

The DWI Checkpoint will be clearly marked and will be staffed by uniformed police officers. It will be conducted in the safest manner possible, adhering to all applicable guidelines and regulations. The primary objective is to deter and prevent drinking and driving, ultimately striving to eliminate it altogether.


Why Do Police Announce DWI Checkpoints in Advance?

It is standard to give prior notice of DWI checkpoints in New Jersey.

In compliance with the 1985 New Jersey Supreme Court ruling in State v. Kirk, advance notice of the DWI Checkpoint must be provided to the public.

This advance notice aims to discourage drinking and driving while allowing drivers passing through town to account for possible minor delays.

Who Pays for DWI Checkpoints?

Fines and fees paid by convicted drunk drivers help to pay for these DWI Checkpoints through the Drunk Driving Enforcement Fund.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office provides additional funding.

Many South Jersey police departments, most recently Ventnor City Police, have announced plans to hold DWI checkpoints this summer.

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