The weather is finally summer-like and everyone is just ready to be outside. I love this time of year because everyone comes out of hibernation from the cold, the rainy days are at a minimum and everyone just wants to enjoy each other’s company while going out and about.

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If you want to round up your friends for a delicious outdoor breakfast, this one spot in Jersey City, New Jersey is the perfect day trip for you.

You’ll get to dine on some amazing food on a rooftop overlooking Jersey City all while sipping on some extremely cheap mimosas. The Ashford in Jersey City not only offers amazing rooftop dining, but $3 mimosas during brunch!


The Ashford in Jersey City, New Jersey

At night The Ashford has a club setting with VIP bottle service and DJs, but during the day you get to experience it in a whole new light.

his has to be one of the cheapest options in Jersey City and the cheap mimosas come with some amazing food served alongside them. The rooftop is all decked out in beautiful greenery and is the perfect brunch vibe to celebrate this amazing weather season we’re about to experience in New Jersey.

The $3 mimosas are only on the weekend, which is the only catch, but I’m sure most people are only having boozy brunches on the weekends most of the time, anyway. The Ashford is located on Newark Ave in Jersey City.

You can check out information regarding their nightlife, rooftop dining, and more on their website, right here.

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