Jake Owen makes a statement wherever he goes in his sea foam green VW bus, but the leading lady in his life wasn’t going to let him have all the fun. Owen’s daughter Pearl now has her very own pint-sized VW van!

Owen posted an adorable photo on Instagram, showing his 3-year-old daughter behind the wheel of a new coral ride just like Dad's. The singer's now-signature Love Bus became the icon for his new American Love album, as it’s featured on the cover and took Owen around the U.S. in the video for the lead-off single, “American Country Love Song.”

The driver of the new tiny van has a bit of an edge when it comes to the cute factor, though. In a decade, the true Love Bus will become Pearl's ride.

Owen has said before how much he loves spending time with his daughter — especially now that he and Pearl’s mother, Lacey, are no longer together. When asked what the most meaningful thing he planned to do this year would be, Owen answered "seeing my daughter as much as I can."

“Now especially that she lives in Florida with her mom … I have to be a dad that is everything to her,” he tells Taste of Country in our July cover story. “I have to be the dad that can teach her stuff and be strict, but I also don’t want to be the dad that every time she gets to see Dad, I’m just the guy that’s telling her what to do. I need to be her buddy, I need to be there for her."

Owen announced his divorce in 2015, and Pearl and her mom now live in Florida. "Single Dad life is rough," he admits.

His career on the other hand, isn't. Owen recently celebrated hitting No. 1 with American Love on the Billboard Country Albums chart and re-released his first single from the album, this time featuring Ronnie Dunn.

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