Jake Owen's "Homemade" is his most country expression since "Yee Haw" introduced his career in 2006. The often beachy, typically edgy country hitmaker comes in from the coast to deliver a story that can only be described as wholesome.

The third single from Greetings From ... Jake is a Bobby Pinson-led co-write that describes a raising in rural America. Sweet tea, dirt roads, mama's home cooking and pickup trucks hot enough to get the girl have not been staples of Owen's radio singles to date. All of it comes spilling out of a made-for-radio melody that's built on top of a recognizable song structure. Unlike the first two singles from his sixth studio album, there's nothing surprising about "Homemade."

There is plenty to identify with however, including a George Strait mixtape that charmingly shows his age but also, who doesn't kind of want that in their truck today? Ben Goldsmith, Drew Parker and Jared Mullins helped Pinson write "Homemade," and together the four men find an infinite number of ways to spin the song's title. The clever wordplay should help make this an easy radio hit.

Did You Know?: Just days before releasing "Homemade" as a single, Owen and his girlfriend Erica Hartlein welcomed a new baby girl, his second child and her first.

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Jake Owen's "Homemade" Lyrics:

Where I grew up, gettin' dressed up means / Buttoned down shirt and a good pair of jeans / Wasn’t Sunday supper without collard greens / Dad was boss, Christ is king / Friday night was livin' for them lights to come on / Then I turned to Miller Lites when I turned 21 / There's some things about me that I can’t change / I'll always be the man that home made.

Home made me love a dirt road / Home made me crave some ice cold homemade / Sweet tea only mama knows how to make / Yeah, homemade / Home made me love a small town / Home made me wanna settle down in a / Home made
for the two of us / Everything I love is homemade.

My pickup lines didn't seem to work / Guess my pickup truck must've got to her / Windows down, singin' every word / Of that George Strait mixtape that was homemade.

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