As the father of four, Jason Aldean knows a thing or two about parenting. His good friend and 2019 tourmate Kane Brown will soon be a first-time father, and Brown says Aldean's already given him some super-accurate advice.

"Jason was just like, 'She's going to have you wrapped around your finger,'" Brown tells Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul. Brown and his wife Katelyn Jae are having a daughter, they recently revealed.

"I'm ready!" Brown says of the sleepless nights and crying that come along with being a parent. Katelyn, he says, has had a sickness-free pregnancy thus far.

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"She was nauseous for, like, a week," Brown shares, "but she never threw up or anything, and she still hasn't."

The couple found out they were expecting together: Brown was with Katelyn when she took her first pregnancy test — and then, when it was positive, "we went and bought, like, 19 more," he says.

"We got a question mark on one, and then the other one that was in the same pack said no. And so we were like, 'Okay, maybe you're not,'" Brown remembers, "and then she got a half a positive, and then a positive. we were like, 'Okay, we gotta go to the doctor.'"

Brown's adopted an attitude about fame that will likely serve him well as a dad, too. Of being a superstar on the rise, the artist admits that he's "so laid back" in life in general that he's "handled it like I handle anything: It's just ... cool."

In addition to the impending arrival of his daughter and his time on the road with Aldean, Brown also has a couple of new collaborations in the works. He'll have a song on Chris Young's new album, and he has a collaboration with EDM artist Marshmello coming soon, too.

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