Two students from Rowan University stood up for a Wendy's server and got a yummy reward!

Kailee Whiting, 19, and Katie Light, 18, were standing in line at a Wendy's fast food restaurant when a customer in front of them started to outright bully the cashier.

The restaurant experienced a 20 minute power outage, resulting in a backup in the kitchen.

According to Katie Light's story on Reddit, the customer began to yell at the cashier saying, "If you weren't ready to take my order, you shouldn't have called me up!"

According to Yahoo, Kailee 'explained to the displeased woman that working in the food industry is difficult and that the cashier was doing her best.  Her words, however, weren't so well received.  The woman shoved her hand in Whiting's face and told her to "shut up and stop talking."

When the customer finally left, the cashier gave Kailee and Katie a free 16 count chicken nugget meal and two frosties, with the message in the picture above.

Meanwhile, the customer found out about the free treats the girls received and complained to the manager.

The manager didn't mind.

This story proves that sometimes it's OK to speak up.  Kudos to those girls!