I've teamed up with Synergie Anti-Aging Center in Linwood to lose inches, tighten and tone my whole body!  And just in time for bathing suit season!

I just started another round of Ultrasound Cavitation and vacuum massage.  And after just a few treatments, I've noticed BIG results!  The treatment is non-invasive and there's no down time!  (It actually feels really good!)

The ladies at Synergie Anti-Aging Salon in Linwood are the best at slowing down the effects of time...Give them a call for a FREE consultation - 609-926-7028.

The salon has a relaxing atmosphere that really leaves you feeling refreshed, energized and motivated after your treatment.

If you are looking to lose inches, tone and tighten and improve cellulite, without surgery, then give Synergie Center a call at 609-926-7028 or just stop in for a FREE consultation.  They are located in Central Square Shopping Center in Linwood.  They will help you look your best in no time without surgery!

Check out my before and after photos!  Keep in mind that I did NOT change my diet or exercise habits!  WOW!

Synergie Anti-Aging Center is hiring!!  They are looking for a seasonal worker that is strong, reliable and friendly!  Call 609-926-7028 for details!

This post was produced in collaboration with our advertising partner Synergie Anti-Aging Center.

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