Some tense moments in Middle Township as a man struck a police officer and attempted to take his gun.

Middle Township Police say the incident happened Wednesday afternoon just before 2pm in the Burleigh section of the Township.

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Police report that officers responded to a police domestic dispute, with officers separating the two people involved when they arrived.  While one officer spoke with the apparent victim inside the residence, Corporal James D’Alonzo stayed outside with the accused, James Paulsen, 35.

Police say it was at that point that Paulsen attempted to strike D'Alonzo with a pair of boots he had been holding. Paulsen then punched D'Alonzo, and knock him to the ground.

"Class II Christian Quaranta came outside of the residence to assist as the struggle continued and was able to get Paulsen off Cpl. D’Alonzo.  Paulsen and Cpl. D’Alonzo went back down to the ground again where Paulsen attempted to take Cpl. D’Alonzo’s handgun from his holster.  Pepper spray was used and Class II Quaranta again pushed Paulsen off Cpl. D’Alonzo. "

Police say at that point, Paulsen was placed under custody, and taken to the Cape May County Jail. He's been charged with the following:

*One count of Aggravated Assault on a Domestic Violence Victim, a 3rd Degree Crime

*Two counts of Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer, a 3rd Degree Crime

*One count of Attempting to Disarm a Law Enforcement Officer, a 2nd Degree Crime

*One count of Resisting Arrest, 3rd Degree Crime.

Corporal D'Alonzo was treated for minor injuries at Cape Regional Medical Center.

SOURCE: Middle Township Police Department

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