Yesterday, I posted about the brand new and limited edition Candy Corn Oreos.  Well, our loyal listener Regina brought TWO boxes of the cookies into the studio this morning!


Secondly - The poll that I posted here on our website proves that most people are excited about the new cookies.  (Keep in mind that our polls are perfectly scientific......)

What do I think?

I like them.  They taste like Oreos.  Shocking.

They do not taste like candy corn, at least not in my opinion.  Since Regina brought in two boxes of cookies, a lot of people from the office got a chance to taste the cookies.  (Again - THANK YOU REGINA!)  Most people liked them, but didn't think they tasted a whole lot like candy corn either.

The are sweet, however.  Like really really really sweet.  I had three cookies and I feel like I gargled with sugar water....

One good thing is that they twist apart easily and perfectly.  Nice for dunking in milk!

Thanks again to our wonderful listener Regina for bringing the cookies in today!  Regina is always willing to volunteer for our St. Jude Radiothon and we certainly appreciate it!  Thanks Regina!

And now the cookies are almost gone.....