Sick of trying to meet people on those other dating sites?

Cheer up, Bucky, we may have your solution!

Whitney Allen was actually talking about this site early this morning on our show, The Big Time with Whitney Allen.

The site is Yes, airport dating may be in your future.

Instead of eating soup for $8.99 a bowl, or thumbing though the latest edition of People magazine, you could be chatting up new friends, meeting fascinating people,  or making out with some new guy you just met in the terminal's janitor closet!

The website promises to help you "Meet new and exciting people while waiting for your flight." (Wow, I've waited for hours in airports. I've never seen one person who looks new or exciting....) The site goes on to promise: "Airports are the new meeting place for adults to meet."

Imagine be able to tell your grand-kids someday, " We met at the Philly Airport, through a cheap and tawdry website!"

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